Rainy Days

Here in the Philadelphia region it pretty rainy the last couple of days.  I was having a hard time coming up with a topic for my next blog entry and then it hit me.  It hit me literally as I was walking into therapy the other day.  I thought I would discuss my fascination with rain.

To most people, this may seem like an odd thing to discuss or with which to be fascinated.  I often hear people talking about rainy days.  They will talk about how it makes them sleepy, how they want to stay in bed or how they feel depressed because it is so dreary.  For me, rain has the opposite effect.  It wakes me up and it excites my senses.

I sense and process sensory input different than other people.  This is something I am aware of and something that I have discussed on many occasions with my occupational therapists and friends.  Today though, I realized that I had never really talked about how my sensory system processes rain.

I have heard people say of me that I have phenomenal hearing abilities.  I have come to the conclusion that I can hear things more acutely than people with neurotypical sensory processing systems.  I can hear individuals whispering two rooms over from me at school.  I can hear my family talking when I am upstairs as if they were sitting right next to me.  I can be in the bathroom with the door closed and hear a whispered conversation all the way down the hall.  I can hear airplanes and helicopters overhead, minutes before anyone else notices them.  So just think of what rain means to me.

Rain means different sounds.  Sounds out of the ordinary of daily and sounds that are utterly fascinating.  I have heard people say that no two snowflakes are the same.  Well, I can also say that no two rain storms are the same.  They each have distinctive sound.  It is like a symphony and it is delightful.  Rain falling on a flat roof sounds different than rain falling on an angled roof.  Rain hitting windows of different thickness makes different tones.  I can almost hear the glass ringing with the sound.  The way the wind blows absolutely changes the music of the rain.  Overall, it is a wonderful sound that I wish I could share with others.

Of course then, on days that it rains, I will admit that I get overly excited.  I get worked up in anticipation of the chorus that I will hear.  I think anyone who hears what I hear would as well.  It makes you happy.  So, I ask my family and friends to bear with me on these rainy days.  I also ask for the family and friends of other individuals who process sounds differently to be aware of this and to understand that sometimes rainy days are great days.