Back Into a Routine

“Getting back into a routine”  This is something I have heard a great deal lately.  Is there a greater shift in our lives than in the autumn when returning to school and work after the summer break?  I have a great deal of difficulty with change and  for a person like me each little difference is massive.  By now, most people are adjusted to the change, but for me it is still going on and it is still at its extreme.

Returning to school is exciting or anxiety producing for most people but for me it is a sensory barrage. Environments all change and each has new smells, lights, people and temperatures.  Trees are louder in the wind.  The heater smells very different from air conditioning.  People wear different fabrics.  The smallest change can be distracting or overwhelming.

I know that I will eventually settle in, but paper clips, staples, and everything else like that are all major players in the game for me at this time.  They take a predominant role because I would rather focus on those than on the anxiety of change.  I think that this is what happens every year – dealing with the anxiety of change.  Right now I have, just like many of my readers probably have, many changes going on.  I am starting new classes, new goals in therapy, changes in my routine and even changes in my living situation to a certain extent.  All of this can seem overwhelming to me at times and then, as I said before, I need to get used to new sounds, new smells and new ways of dealing with those things.

The summer was great, but busy.  Now it is time to get back into focus.

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