Saying and Hearing… Words are Interesting

I often repeat words to myself out loud.  These words are variable like “monopoly,” “swim,” and “airport.”  I was recently asked about this at a meeting.  Basically, while I do enjoy going to the airport and other things because of the sounds, I also like hearing the sounds of specific words when I say them out loud.

I have been asked the reason behind this and I will try to explain.  However, it is hard to do so in many ways.  I hear myself speak differently at different times.  I can hear tones in different words that sometimes are very interesting to me.  However, if I hear another person say the same word, there is no interest.

Some tones are melodic and others have much dissonance to them.  I may keep saying a sound or listening to a particular part of a song because it has a tone in it that I like to hear.  I do wonder if it is my body telling me I need to hear this sound to help adjust some sensory issue my body is working out or if it just because I like it at that particular moment.  I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that sometimes when I say words I get more excited and at other moments I get more relaxed.

So, take a minute and think about it?  Do some words just sound more interesting to you?  Do some sounds seem to “roll of the tongue” as the saying goes?  Think of how this might be magnified in someone with sensory differences.  I personally love the way some of the words sound and enjoy saying them.  It hurts no one and it calms me.

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