Listening to Music in a Different Way

I would like to spend some time talking about music.  Almost everyone I know has a type of music they like.  Music, for me, is either a cacophony of tones that make no sense or it is precise and exact in tones that meld in my head to calm or excite.

Sometimes this can be just a single portion of a song, perhaps 5 seconds, but it is a sound or combination of sounds that is balanced and is wonderful to listen to.  It is something that at times I crave desperately, and I will listen to portions of a song over and over many times to keep hearing those tones that I crave.

To others this can look strange but it is an example of how differently we can experience the world.  It is very common that people ask me to listen to music the way they do.  This ignores that we might have different wants or needs when we are listening to music.  For example, to certain individuals the lyrics or entire song can be meaningful.  To me, sounds are meaningful.   The way a vocalist’s voice melds with an instrument, a tone an instrument makes in just a few seconds of the song are sometimes more meaningful to me in many different ways than the entire song.

I have to wonder if there are others that feel the same?  Music is wonderful, but it is wonderful in a different sort of way for me than a typical individual.

I wonder how others might feel about this?  Are there particular parts of songs you want to listen to over and over again just because you like the way that one particular part sounds?  Do you listen to the whole song and then re-listen to it over and over again?  How do our sensory needs differ I wonder?