Where I Have Been

“I just finished my first year at Widener University after transferring so I could take classes on campus for the first time. It went better than expected! I am happy to say that I have a 4.0 GPA after two semesters. I made the change because I wanted a more typical college experience where I could sit in a classroom and work with peers in person. It felt like my last school didn’t think I could accomplish this and I wanted to prove myself. I knew this meant a lot of work, pressure, and stress but it was worth it.
Everyone I have worked with has been very flexible and welcoming, which really let me show what I am capable of. I put a lot of effort into not disrupting the classroom while others were listening, which was not easy being so quiet and still. I expected to be judged or misunderstood for my behaviors but everyone was accepting or too busy to care. My professors were very helpful, and one even has a son who types to communicate. 
I still do not feel very independent there, I had a lot of support to help me which makes me feel awkward but is also needed. I expected more socializing but everyone was very focused on school, so my communication style was not a problem. It is hard to quickly type during class discussion but professors made sure I had a chance to share my thoughts. When I worked in a group with others we used email to communicate and it felt good to work equally without accommodation.”